City Hall Reorganization Plan


League of Women Voters Smart Voter Position Paper Two

As your council representative, I will make the changes necessary to revive San Diego. The first step is to reorganize City Hall.

I promise to replace overpaid political appointees with non–political, objective staff positions such as Economic Analyst, Environmental Analyst, Engineering Analyst, and Community Liaison.

The Economic Analyst will determine whether a proposal adds to our long–term income base or provides some other tangible benefit to City. Income neutral projects, or projects which simply service their own bond debts without adding any income to the City’s bottom line, are unacceptable.

The Environmental Analyst will objectively determine the nature and degree of harm to be inflicted upon humans, plants, animals and the overall environment caused by a project. We must always protect our water, land, air, and plant and animal life. I will insist that developers take significant measures to mitigate any environmental impacts.

The Engineering Analyst will determine, among other things, whether a project makes structural sense. This analyst will objectively determine the degree to which a proposal will burden existing infrastructure, and whether competent labor and proper materials are being used.

The Community Liaison will be your direct line to my office for all matters.

I promise to invest in our City’s future by developing tomorrow’s ethical leaders today. I will hire interns from local high schools, colleges and professional schools for hands–on experience in municipal governance. These students will learn about the mistakes and lapses which led to our City’s present situation, and will develop skills and confidence as they help to fix our City. In this way, we plant the seeds today for ethical governance tomorrow.

  • We need a City Council representative who will challenge developers and the government to do the right thing.
  • We need a City Council representative who will refuse to participate in illegal secret or closed door negotiations.
  • We need a City Council representative who will represent the people, not political parties or special interests.

I am that candidate. My name is George Richard Najjar. Your vote for me will be a vote for ethics in government, honest representation and a better San Diego.

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Thank you.

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