League of Women Voters Smart Voter Position Paper One

Partisan politics and corruption have driven San Diego to the brink of bankruptcy. This election is the last opportunity for us to rescue our city from the political parties. For our city to survive, we must abandon party politics and instead vote for someone who will help to fix San Diego.

I am that person.

Partisan voting will reap partisan gridlock, and partisan gridlock is not appropriate for our neighborhoods and city, especially at this crucial time. Republicans live next door to Democrats, who live next door to Independents, Libertarians, Greens, etc., and we all have common issues. The Council Representative represents everyone in these common issues. He or she unites the neighborhood, not divides, and should support an agenda benefitting the district and the city, rather than the party. A council representative should place one’s own political biases aside to represent for the betterment of all. But as recent history shows, they do not.

Partisan politics are polluted by a conspiracy mentality. Both parties have given us convicts, with alarming frequency.

I am running because I am tired of this quid pro quo mentality.
I am running because I will stand up against anyone or any entity trying to intimidate SD
I am running because I have the practical experience through my business and real estate litigation practice to analyze, manage and fix any problem we face and unite opposite sides.

But I can do so only with your support.

Your vote for George Richard Najjar will be a vote for ethical representation, and real results benefitting everyone in the 2nd District.

Please visit my website at

Again, my name is George Richard Najjar, and to save San Diego, I ask for your vote.

Thank you.

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