Motorcycle Accidents: San Diego

In San Diego, there are thousands of accidents every year and some involve motorcycles. In 2010, there were hundreds of motorcycle accidents and motorcycle riders injured and some very seriously with some were fatalities. In San Diego, with limited public transportation and great weather most of the year, there are many more motorcycle riders than in other parts of the country.

Some steps that need to be implemented immediately is to contact us for a confidential and complimentary consultation. In addition, immediately seek medical treatment after an accident in which you are injured. Make sure to file a police report, take pictures, write down witnesses names and phone numbers, document the incident and do not discuss an accident without consulting with an experienced attorney first. Our San Diego law office can assist you with all of these and more.

Some common injuries in motorcycle accidents are spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, scarring, plastic surgery, disfigurement, fractured bones, broken bones burn injuries and sometimes, even death. It is very important to document your injuries for potential law suit purposes. Our firm can assist with referrals for medical treatment if your insurance will not cover.

It is very important to file a police report immediately. Filing a police report in a motorcycle accident is crucial to document who is at fault and for litigation purposes. It is very important that you, as a motorcycle rider injured in an accident, is in compliance with all laws. For example, in San Diego, wearing a helmet is mandatory as is driving within the speed limit. In addition, wearing the proper equipment can reduce the severity of injuries in a motorcycle accident.

One frequently asked question is “how much is my case worth”. In our office, we will give you a personal evaluation. Factors include the following: death; dismemberment; plastic surgery; scarring; lacerations; medical care; hospitalization; reconstructive surgery; wage loss; pain and suffering and many others. No attorney can guarantee the outcome of any case but we want to give you the benefit of our experience, value with our personal service and the results you are seeking and be part of your solution and not part of the problem.

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