Outline on Pacific Beach Crime

George R. Najjar

Pacific Beach has some of the highest crime statistics in the city. In addition, our community often lacks sufficient police officers to enforce many of our laws. What specific steps will you take to increase police presence and enforcement in Pacific Beach? And secondly, what will you do to address the root causes of the high crime in Pacific Beach?

Earmark tax revenues for police, fire and other safety personnel, and make sure they’re allocated to the beach areas.

The city council controls the budget. To this end, we must make sure the budget includes and increase in police services to Pacific Beach.

To reduce the crime in Pacific Beach, we must change the atmosphere.

We need to develop businesses which cater to more mature spenders, not to out–of–state party’ers.

Again, if we wish to evolve the area toward a more mature crowd, we will need to meaningfully adapt liquor licenses toward restaurants rather than nightlife.

To that end, misused liquor licenses must be surrendered, and any new licenses issued to restaurants only, to be monitored by the SDPD and the ABC.

And again, we must end the PB Block party now.

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