Outline to Resolve the 2005 Municipal Financial Crisis

George R. Najjar

In light of the city’s current fiscal situation and the questionable methods that have brought us to this point, what specific steps will you take to help resolve the current financial problems of the city and to ensure that this does not happen again?


Increase City Sales Tax for determined period (5 years)
        Earmark funds for services, infrastructure and debt retirement

Increase TOT to 13.5 %
        Earmark certain percentage for the promotion of tourism
        Earmark certain percentage for police and fire, especially in beach areas.


City Council controls the budget.

Need to develop only properties which will generate income to the city, not just revenue.
        Revenue is used to pay the developers. No more income-neutral projects.

Eliminate political positions such as chief of staff and policy analysts.
        Replace with:
                Economic Analyst – do the numbers add-up as represented will the project generate income or some other tangible benefit to city.
                Environmental Analyst – effects upon water, land, air plant and animal life
                Engineering Analyst – project sound, proper labor and materials, burden on existing infrastructure, future impacts
                Community Liaison – one source (no longer divided), media, etc.

Hire interns from high school, college and graduate schools and give them first-hand experience in municipal governance.

Develop tomorrow’s leaders today by:
        Showing them how questionable practices led to today’s problems
        Giving them pride and first hand experience in fixing our city
        Teaching them how to ethically govern tomorrow.

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