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October 2005
Statement by George Richard Najjar
for the Beach & Bay Press

I promise to revive San Diego. I will reorganize City Hall, restore representation, stimulate the economy and develop tomorrow’s leaders today.

To reorganize City Hall, I will replace the politically motivated chief–of–staff and policy analyst positions with objective advisory positions, such as Economic Analyst, Environmental Analyst, Engineering Analyst and Community Liaison.

I promise to selflessly carry out the instructions of the voters, even when my personal opinions differ. For example, San Diegans have voted for slow growth, to allow alcohol on the beaches, and twice to save the cross, but the politicians continue to follow a different agenda.

To stimulate the economy, we must, among other things, address illegal immigration and its financial toll. I will press the federal government to financially compensate San Diego for the illegal immigration burdens we incur. We must also vote to raise the tax on tourists to the national standard, and specifically earmark the extra revenue for police, fire, infrastructure, environmental protection, and the promotion of tourism.

Lastly, we must develop tomorrow’s leaders today. I will hire interns from local high schools and colleges for hands–on experience in municipal governance. These students will develop skills and confidence by helping to fix our City. In this way, we plant the seeds for ethical governance tomorrow.

For more information on these and other ideas, please visit my website at http://thenajjarlawfirm.com/?page_id=98.

Thank you for your consideration. I promise that your vote for George Richard Najjar will be a vote for a better San Diego.

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