Revocable Living Trust Package

In San Diego, our firm has prepared thousands of revocable living trust packages over the last decade alone. We can prepare your family’s as well. Our revocable living trust package includes:

  1. Initial in-house consultation with an attorney,
  2. Revocable living trust agreement,
  3. Schedule of assets and assignment of personal property into the trust
  4. Pour over will(s)
  5. Durable power(s) of attorney for finances
  6. Advance Health Care Directive(s)
  7. Certification of Trust
  8. Funding and Successor Trustee’s instructions
  9. All necessary notary signatures
  10. Deeds to transfer real property into the trust for all deeds in San Diego County.

We offer a 25% discount for clients who inform us they found our firm on the internet so please be sure and mention this.

Our firm is conveniently located in Rancho Bernardo on the I-15 at the Bernardo Center Drive exit. Free parking is available and there is an elevator to accommodate our clients with disabilities. Our firm will offer a complimentary in-house consultation up to one half hour. The consultation includes a review of your current estate plan [if any] as well as a review of an estate planning questionnaire which the client fills out. There is no obligation and the in-house consultation is confidential whether or not you hire our firm.

There may be other trusts included within the revocable living trust. One of these is a grandchild’s trust if the grandchild is a minor. This allows for the distribution to be limited to either a certain percentage at a certain age [for example: 25% at age 18; 25% at age 21; 25% at age 25 and the remaining 25% at age 30] or any other restrictions you may want to place on the distributions given your individual facts and circumstances. There may also be a special needs trust for a child or grandchild, again, depending on your circumstances. This is a complicated are of the law and we urge you to consult with a qualified, experienced and licensed attorney.

The legal goal of a revocable living trust is to avoid probate fees and costs as well as allow for privacy in the distribution of the estate. Probate fees currently in the two San Diego Court Houses in which probate cases are heard [Madge Bradley and Vista] are 4% of the first $100,000, 3% of the next $100,000 and 2% of every $100,000 after that. The calculation is made on the gross value of the estate and not the net value. As such, for every home owner in San Diego city and county, the revocable living trust will be much more economical than the probate process.

There are times when individuals may require services which are not included in the flat fee cost of the revocable living trust. These may include video taping the execution of the revocable living trust to document capacity and voluntariness. These may also include home or hospital visits. Many of our revocable living trusts are “couples” trusts and these may require a mandatory “split” of the trust into two subtrusts after one of the spouses is deceased. Our firm can assist with these and other issues which arise.

Do not wait until the last minute to have your revocable living trust prepared. The normal time period for the preparation of the documents is within twenty one to twenty eight days however it can take longer. It is less expensive to come to our office than for an out of office visit. Our office can also advise on planning for long term care, probate administration, conservatorship, guardianship, business succession planning, estate planning for pets, same sex estate planning, charitable giving, family limited partnerships, qualified personal residence trusts and irrevocable trusts.

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