When to Plan?

Clients frequently ask, When is it time to do estate planning?

If you have not yet made plans for your future, now is the time. If you do not make your own plans, "they" will have plans for you. Of course the includes attorneys,

From young adult to senior years, there are events that are "triggers" to establishing or reevaluating your estate plans

  • End (or beginning) of year
  • At your birthday
  • You turn 40 and at least every 5 years thereafter
  • Your parents turn 60
  • Birth (or adoption) of child or grandchild
  • Graduation of child or grandchild
  • Change in your marital status
  • Contemplating divorce or separation
  • Home purchase or sale
  • Change of health
  • Change of income or career
  • Financial windfall
  • CPA visit
  • Financial planner visit
  • Insurance agent visit
  • Death in family (with or without a trust or will)
  • Trust administration questions
  • Parents becoming elderly or incapacitated
  • Loved one in danger of incapacitation, due to accident, health or other
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